Raised in a northwest prairie, then suburb, and longtime resident of Chicago, Rebecca F. straddles the groove between city and country.  Her bands Bad Behavior Club (protopunk),  Night Jogger (rock), Rebecca F. & The Memes (country), and formerly Ghost Rat (protopunk), showcase some of Chicago’s best talent.


Rebecca F.’s roots in the Chicago live music scene began in the late 90s when she frequented now-extinct pre-digital bustling live music venues to share her songs.  

In 2000 her original songs caught the ear of R&B legend R. Kelly when she worked as an intern "Phone Bitch" at the now-razed Chicago Trax Recording Studio in Chicago's now-razed Cabrini Green neighborhood.  While strumming her ubiquitous guitar at the front desk, an amused Kelly approached the intern and demanded, "Seranade me, Baby."  The three-song impromptu audition eventually resulted in a 2000 songwriting development deal with the Grammy winner's Rockland Records.  Kelly's growing legal troubles and studio absence led to the collapse of F.'s contract with Kelly in 2002.  However the "F" in Rebecca F.'s name remains an homage to the patron songwriter who wrote hits like "You Are Not Alone" (1995) for Michael Jackson, worked with Michael Jordan and Celine Dion, and in the analog black hole of 90s Chicago disconnected from NYC and L.A. decision-makers, through his patronage allowed the songwriter to focus exclusively on her songwriting for two years.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


Humanistic leanings coupled with the ideological jolt of 9/11 led F. to pursue a Master’s in English Literature at DePaul University, after which Rebecca substitute taught in the urban Chicago public school system (2003–2004) while songwriting, performing, and booking and managing her bands with intensity.

In 2006 Rebecca F. wrote, recorded, and produced the EP “It’s All About You” (2006) at Chicago's now defunct Alien Studios (18th/Cermak), which resulted in a copyright infringement lawsuit against Lady Gaga (2011).  F's autumn 2014 essay, “Why You Should Care That Lady Gaga’s Suing Me for $1.4 Million” touched a nerve among songwriters, musicians, and world citizens fed up with the global corporate monopoly on culture.

Francescatti's musical collaborations over the years have included a weekly residency at California Clipper with Chicago luthier Rockin’ Billy (2012); a three-year weekly residency at Wicker Park’s oldest musical dive bar Phyllis’ Musical Inn (2012–2015) named The Wilkie Sessions; and currently the protopunk project Bad Behavior Club with celebrated local Chicago violinist and Chicago Gallery of Haitian Art (CHIGOHA) gallerist Colin McGeehan and longtime Chicago dummer and drum educator Billy "Rhythm" Scallon.  

Perennially fascinated with “memes” – The Selfish Gene’s (1976) Richard Dawkins’ term for ideas spread person-to-person throughout a culture  – Rebecca F. features a web of Chicago talent on her 2015 old-school classic country album The Kitchen including pedal steel master Brian Wilkie (The Hoyle Brothers) and drummer Joe Adamik (Iron & Wine).  “The Kitchen” was released in January 2015 at Schubas and was featured on WGN 720 and Fearless Radio.  

Rebecca F.'s in-production rock album "Codependence" features genius drummer Kris Myers (Umphrey’s McGee), who lends his gifts to the groove.  

Her first music video, "Underground," was released March 2014, cementing her position as an independent industry outsider.    

Along with songwriting and running bands, she works or has worked in publishing, education, social work, futures and options trade, mental health, and bartending. 

Rebecca's also an artist, check out her work at the Chicago Gallery of Haitian Art (CHIGOHA)

Portrait of Rebecca F. by Tom Bilings

  © Rebecca F. 2017