All songs copyrighted, written, performed, and unless otherwise noted, recorded by Rebecca F.  Enjoy this small, partially annotated, somewhat random, selection.  There's also a small, somewhat random selection of songs available on iTunes.

ABE LINCOLN HAIR (©2005) l Chicago 2004 and 2005 saw the fleeing of many late-twenty something friends.  NYC, D.C. and L.A. called, so talented funnies packed for the coasts.  This goes out to one in particular, who, as I predicted, made it.   

AFTER/TINY SUN (©2005) l Jerry Freda, the sausage king of Chicago, was the first to record me on his half-inch reel-to-reel tape machine in his basement recording studio in 1998.  After a coffee back in time, I realized if I was a tulip, he was the sun.  Caffeine inspired, I wrote this song.  

colorlawn copy

AIN'T GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO (©2008) l Reeling in love, born of my one-and-only's absence on a business trip.  For ten years we'd casually hung out, gotten annihilated, talked, messed around, and generally dug each other.  Once we committed it became clear that this was the reason we'd never last. Though it was fun to deny for a bit. 

ALL WE KNOW (©2005) l The mid-2000s were dark.  George W. Bush had been re-elected for another four years, strippers and thugs predominated the music scene, and the U.S. manically promoted obsessive consumption. Women bought ridiculous purses on credit, men cruised gas-guzzling SUVs, and the housing bubble filled with pus.  Things were out of control.  My solution was to hide.  So I did.  And wrote songs like this.

ALLEY CAT (©2004 ) Recorded by Abel Garibaldi l Autumn.  I woke hung over at 5 a.m. to a full moon in Ukrainian Village, my first day as an adjunct professor.  Worried this meant I'd never make it as a songwriter, I stared at a burning smoke.  Out of the dead yellow the ghost of a blues black man entered my head and delivered this song, front to back, fully formed. I chased it, and him, with my guitar.  Then I went to work.  

ALONE (©2007) l Most of my life has been spent in pursuit of men too sick to love me. I thought sobriety would change this.  Nope.  

ANOMIE HARMONY (©2006) l My first few months sober were excruciating.  I took five baths a day.  I shivered.  For the first time in my adult life, I...FELT.  Years of self-hate followed.  "I'd rather be up in the trees, but bugs do not live with the birds and the bees.  Please.  Anomie Harmony, never knew this much went into discord.  Here with the ants there is no keeping score."  

BABBLE (©2005)

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BACK IN TIME (©2012)



BAD PLACE (©2007)


BED BUG (©2005) Recorded by Rebecca F.; final vox and mix by Brian Joseph Gaynor


CHANGE (2001) Recorded by Abel Garibaldi 

Photo by Roman Sobus

CLOSER (©2007)


EARTH (©2003) Recorded by Abel Garibaldi | If the earth could talk, what would she say?

300px-The Earth seen from Apollo 17

 FECES (2005) Recorded by Rebecca F., mixed by Brian Joseph Gaynor

HEADSPACE (©1998) Recorded by Fred Hahn, James Lee, Andy Gallas; strings and string arrangements: Colin McGeehan; drums: Peter Hermes l 

HOW I REMEMBER YOU (©2000) Co-written by R. Kelly and Rebecca F.; recorded by James Lee | While under contract in 2000, one of Rob's engineers handed me a tape with a directive: "Do whatever you want with this."  Enclosed I found a beautiful song he had written, "I'll Remember You."  Stunning, lovely, touching, but not..."me."  So, keeping to the song's general chord structure and theme, I came up with the song below.  My hubris must have flabbergasted the R&B king, because I had just put out a smoke in the Chicago Trax Recording Studio gravel parking lot on a sizzling summer day when Rob stormed out from the freezing studio bunker.  Disheveled in a white tank top, brows furrowed, exasperated, he demanded: "If someone gave you 'I Believe I Can Fly', would you change the words?"  

I'M SORRY (©2005)

LINEN (©2005)

ODE TO OHM (©2000) Recorded by Andy Gallas

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PULL THE TRIGGER (©2012) Recorded by James Frederick Wagner in 2014 l If she ever turns on her heel and walks away, make sure she's not standing on your face. 

6 AM (©2003)

WIDEN IT OUT (©2009)



WHY, CAPTAIN (©2001) Recorded by Abel Garibaldi at Alien Studios | This is what it sounds like to record a song you wrote about 9/11 on mushrooms.  

WILL YOU WALK ME HOME TONIGHT (©2004) Recorded by James Frederick Wagner in 2014 l Somehow, nearing thirty.  It could not last, it was temporary, it slipped away even as we laughed on your bed.  Ah, youth.  You walked me to the bus stop in your slippers, under the moon.  

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Photograph of Rebecca F. by Roman Sobus

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